My vision... or lack thereof.

For those of you who don’t know me, and for those of you who do, lol, I’m blind. I was born with a degenerative eye condition that has caused me to slowly lose my vision over the years. The first major milestone was around age 24, when I had to stop driving, and then about8 years later I started using a cane. Right now I really have no usable vision. I’ve had several people, over the years tell me that I have a great attitude about my blindness, and I have never responded the way that I would like to. The response that I would like to make to that statement is that God has given me the right attitude in regards to my blindness. He has taught me a lot of patience and listening skills. I am extremely thankful for the years that I could see, and all that I’ve been taught in my blindness, and I look forward to seeing again one day. I’m definitely not posting this for sympathy, but just to let you know a bit about me. I’m not good when it comes to talking about myself, but I’d like to post things from time to time, so that you can learn a little about me. Also, I sometimes take my own videos and photos, and I want you to know why they don’t always turn out the way I intend. So if I post another video, not knowing that I didn’t have the lights on, lol, it’s not because I’m drunk or high, it’s just because I didn’t let my wife review it before I posted it, Ha. Have a great day.    

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